The Slim on Starch Program

An intimate coaching experience designed to give you the support, accountability, and individualization that you deserve.

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What You Get

Exclusive Access to Healthy Emmie

Schedule calls with Healthy Emmie for personalized coaching advice. This is only available to Emmie's clients within the Slim on Starch Program.

Your Personal Nutrition Coach

You will be taking photos of everything you're eating for us to see. On a weekly basis you’ll receive personalized check-ins with your coach for guidance to reach your weight loss goals.

Your Personal Mindset Coach

On a weekly basis you’ll receive personalized check-ins with your coach.

The Full Program

A step by step program to losing weight on a plant-based diet.

Community Support

Connect with other clients of Healthy Emmie's in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Live Q+As with Emmie

In addition to your call during the week with Emmie, you'll also have the opportunity to ask many as many questions as you need to during Q+A sessions. As a former teacher, there is nothing Emmie loves more than answering questions from her clients.

Program Curriculum

Week 1

Slim on Starch Program Overview

The program follows a 6-Step Slim on Starch Process. Each week is dedicated to one step of the process.

Step 1 is all about what to eat and what not to eat.

Week 2

Food Prep Bootcamp

You'll become a pro at establishing and sticking to an efficient routine for prepping your weekly food.

Week 3

Building A Satisying Plate (For YOUR Specific Needs and Tastes)

Week 3 is all about building a satisfying plate for your personalized needs. Ever eat something and still feel peckish afterward? Say goodbye to that!

Week 4

Hunger + Fullness 101

Do you feel like you need to relearn your hunger + fullness cues? This module is all about becoming a pro at listening to your body.

Week 5

Social School

Do social situations around food make you anxious? Well, now you'll have the tools to handle them, and the people, with grace and ease.

We also have all of the resources you'll need for eating at restaurants, special occasions, traveling, hiking, and more.

Week 6

Building Your Signature System

Let's face it: Life happens and sometimes we want some cake. That is okay! It's important that we intentionally decide when we will indulge in some "fun foods" so that we can do so guilt-free. In this module, we are building your plan for eating indulgent foods when it's appropriate.