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1-1 Nutrition Coaching

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Exclusive Coaching from Healthy Emmie

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1-1 Mindset Coaching

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VIP Coaching Breakdown

Sign up for 8 weeks at a time.

⭐Exclusive Coaching from Healthy Emmie

How It Works:

  • Work directly with Healthy Emmie face-to-face on calls and received personalized advice, guidance, and action steps. (You can also keep your camera off if you're more comfortable with that.)
  • Have a direct line to text Healthy Emmie whenever you need guidance, support, or want to celebrate a win!
  • Healthy Emmie checks her chat messages every single day, Monday to Friday.
  • Learn from Healthy Emmie's transformational coaching as she advises other clients in a group call setting.
  • Have exclusive access to the person that transformed 4,000+ lives!

Who It’s For:
Individuals seeking personalized health guidance and transformative insights, especially those who like to speak their thoughts out loud to someone. Perfect for those who appreciate the priceless experience drawn from Healthy Emmie's extensive work with nearly 4,000 clients and want to watch her coach others as well..

🥗1-1 Nutrition Coaching

How It Works:

  • Effortlessly capture meal photos directly from your phone into our app.
  • Your expert nutrition coach meticulously analyzes your meals, delivering personalized feedback through engaging personalized video recordings every week.

Who It’s For:
Individuals looking for a convenient and personalized 1-1 approach, especially those who thrive on visual feedback and prefer a hands-on, meal-focused coaching experience.

🧘🏻‍♀️1-1 Mindset Coaching

How It Works:

  • Share your weekly mindset journal to prompt a tailored check-in, where your expert mindset coach provides fresh perspectives, actionable steps, and unwavering support through engaging personalized voice recordings every week.

Who It’s For:
Individuals seeking comprehensive support in overcoming mindset blocks and challenges in a 1-1 capacity. Ideal for those who recognize the importance of addressing psychological aspects for sustainable and long-term wellness.

Transformation Stories: Real People, Real Results

Hear from members who've transformed their lives with the Slim on Starch Program.

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Pricing Breakdown:

Choose The Plan That Suits Your Needs

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Exclusive Coaching with Healthy Emmie

Pay Weekly
Pay In Full
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1-1 Nutrition Coaching

Pay WeeklyPay In Full
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1-1 Mindset Coaching

Pay WeeklyPay In Full

⭐4.9/5 rating | +3500 satisfied customers

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We've got you covered!
Save up to 50% when you choose one of the packages below!

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Pay WeeklyPay In Full
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Full VIP Package:
Exclusive Coaching with Healthy Emmie
1-1 Mindset Coaching
1-1 Nutrition Coaching

Pay WeeklyPay In Full

Billing Information:

You will sign up for 8 weeks of coaching at a time.
You can either pay in full in the beginning of each cycle, or you can pay weekly during the 8 weeks.
Please note that weekly payments will be a $10 higher per week than the prices above.


Exclusive Coaching from Healthy Emmie

1-1 Nutrition Coaching

1-1 Mindset Coaching

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