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Healthy Bowls Cookbook (Ebook)

Healthy Bowls Cookbook (Ebook)

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This entire recipe book is 100% vegan, whole food plant-based, oil-free, refined-sugar free. 

The recipes in this cookbook are split into two categories - Benefit Bowls and Taste Bowls.

The Benefit Bowls were designed in light of a certain health benefit. Taking the "How-can-food-be-my-friend-and-help-me?" perspective, transforms your relationship with food. It goes from being a threat - which it is for many! - into a useful tool on the road to your healthiest self. Please note that these recipes do not claim to cure any ailments or illnesses and should not be taken as medical advice.

The Taste Bowls were designed for when you a hankerin' for something to just "hit the spot!"

Benefit Bowls

Glowing Skin Bowl

Anti-Insomnia Bowl

Comfort Bowl

Anti-Constipation Bowl

Libido-Booster Bowl

Brain-Health Bowl

Anti-Acne Bowl

Protein Bowl

Pre-Workout Bowl

Post-Workout Bowl

Immunity-Booster Bowl

Bodybuilder Bowl

Gut Health Bowl

Flat Tummy Bowl

Strong Bones Bowl

Fat Burner Bowl

Healthy Hair + Nails Bowl

Pro-Digestion Bowl

Anti-Anxiety Bowl

Taste Bowls

Fall Harvest Bowl

Tofu Teriyaki Bowl

Warm Mushroom Bowl

Vegan Kourtney Kardashian Salad

Green Goddess Bowl

Mediterranean Bowl

Thanksgiving Bowl

Lentil Taco Bowl

Southwest Bowl

Sushi Bowl

Asian Greens Bowl

Zoodle Bowl

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    Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Busy Lifestyles

    "As a working professional with a hectic schedule, the "Healthy Bowls" cookbook has been a game-changer for me. The recipes are not only healthy but also incredibly easy to follow. I appreciate the time-saving tips and the variety of options available. From quick lunches to hearty dinners, this cookbook has made healthy eating a breeze even on the busiest days. Highly recommended!"


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    Instagram-Worthy Creations

    "I'm not an experienced cook, but the "Healthy Bowls" cookbook has made me feel like a culinary pro! The recipes are beautifully presented, and the step-by-step instructions are clear and concise. The book provides a great balance of guidance for beginners and inspiration for those looking to elevate their cooking skills. The results are not only delicious but also Instagram-worthy!"


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    Effortless and Delicious Lunch Solutions!

    "Healthy Bowls has become my lunchtime hero! The recipes are not only incredibly nutritious but also incredibly easy to whip up. The simplicity of the instructions makes it a breeze to prepare a wholesome and tasty lunch without the fuss. It has truly revolutionized my midday meals, and I can't imagine going back to anything less convenient."